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We C.A.R.E. Fund


The We C.A.R.E. FUND (C.A.R.E. = Contributions for Animal Rehabilitation and Emergencies) was first established by Sharon Lakes Animal Hospital in 1996. It was created to help cover a variety of veterinary expenses for animals from the south Charlotte, North Carolina area and surrounding communities. Some of the pets that benefit from the fund include:


  • Sick or injured strays that are brought in to our facility and could be successfully adopted once they receive the veterinary care they need.
  • Established pet patients of Sharon Lakes Animal Hospital whose owners are having extreme financial difficulties and would otherwise not receive the critical veterinary attention they need.
  • Service dogs that contribute so much to the lives of our clients whom they assist.

Please note that we do require that the pet's owner, caregiver, or good samaritan rescuer contribute a portion of the cost of veterinary care in almost all cases. This fund is meant to provide a helping hand in difficult situations and is used only at the hospital's discretion. A committee of veterinarians and staff carefully review each case against the We C.A.R.E. criteria, and, if approved, a determination is made regarding the amount that will be covered.

Proceeds for the fund come solely from donations made by the hospital, our veterinarians and staff, and our generous clients. If you would like to help us treat animals in need, please call us or stop by to make a donation - no amount is too small. Thank you so much for your support!